Micro Cluster Cabins featured on several architecture blogs

Late this summer we completed a very unique project along the south coast of Norway. Characterised by traditional pitched roofs and use of timber construction, the Micro Cluster Cabins are a collection of multiple interconnected units of clear geometric volumes.

The project has been featured on several architecture blogs and flourished in social media following its publication. Here are some parts of the articles written about the cabin:


"The residences share cooking and living facilities in [the] glass-fronted 'extrovert space', while sleeping and bathing areas are contained in the two more private, wooden-fronted buildings," Dezeen wrote about the cabins' layout.


"To take advantage of a favorable microclimate, the cabins are oriented to the southwest and are backed up against a rock wall that shelters the structures from the wind," as Inhabitat noted about our environmental strategy.


While being a family retreat, "in some cases, family might actually be one of the things that you’re running from. No worries, this Norwegian cabin equally serves the purpose. It has been designed as a cluster of three divisible structures that can be used individually," as pointed out by ArchiExpo.com Trends.


Other blogs featuring this project includes ArchDaily, Archello, Archilovers, designboomeuropaconcorsi and others.