RRA lecture at the Danish Architects' Association

RRA lecture at the Danish Architects' Association

We're getting ready for the Danish Architects' Association annual conference on "The Mixed City" in Aarhus, November 4th 2016! Reiulf Ramstad will give the special guest lecture of the conference; "Fæstforelesningen".

"Learning from New-York" will be an opportunity to reflect on the role of the architect and the mixed city, based on New York as The example.

"As architects, we involve ourselves with words, but even more important: we intervene through what we think and do. Architects are among the few professions that continuously assume responsibility for the development of the physical environment crucial to our cities and towns in order to create space and diversity and generate improvement to peoples' everyday life.. For what is really a city, if not mixed?"

We are happy to participate in this event that includes multi-disciplinary keynote speakers as architects, sociologists, economists, philosophers, geographers and developers. 

Find out more about the event and RSVP to join us here !