Trollstigen honoured with Norway's foremost architectural prize

The A.C. Houens funds diploma for 2015 was awarded to six projects by cultural minister Torhild Widvey and president of the National Architects' Association (NAL), Kim Skaara. The diploma is considered Norway's foremost architectural prize with a rich history dating back to 1904.

The diploma may be awarded to projects that "are outstanding, independent and architecturally comprehensive works." It is also a requirement that the building has been completed more than 3 years ago. The winners receive a bronze plaque to be mounted on the building.

All the buildings that are awarded the diploma are of particularly high architectural quailty and role models for future buildings
— Kim Skaara, president of NAL
The dramaturgy is perfect; first at the endpoint of the pathway becomes evident the spectacular and impressive interplay between the nature and the road construction of Trollstigen. The simple and robust design of the walk using few materials; generously dimensioned, logical, safe, and architecturally well implemented. The pathway is a compelling architectural work, which by its restrained simplicity does not unnecessarily distract from the experience of breathtaking scenery and historically outstanding road construction design.
— the Jury's statement (translated from Norwegian)