Competition bonanza at RRA!

At RRA, competitions are the main endeavour to get new projects – we are awarded prizes for two out of three proposals. The last couple of months we have been very busy with multiple competitions and it's starting to pay off! While some still are anonymous and hush-hush, we would like to share with you two of our most recent 1st-prize winners.


Pilestredet 77-79

This urban housing project has an ambition to contribute to the densification of an attractive neighbourhood in Oslo, while providing diverse and flexible apartments with a mix of sizes and qualities. There is ample outdoor areas with varied programme, and each of the three buildings have access to a common roof terrace with private gardens for each of the apartments.

The proposal was awarded 1st prize in the parallel assignment with four participants. From the jury's report: "The project is very appealing. It's buildings emerges with its own character, while they naturally belong to the site and context."

Oslo gate 7

Feasibility study for the remodelling of a listed building in Oslo's historical Old Town and the addition of a new construction within the urban fabric. The proposal seeks to preserve and enhance the character of the existing apartment building, through the conscious use of architecture, elements and materials that builds on the character of the context.

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