Cultural Center of Stjørdal goes public!

After five years in the making, since winning an invited competition in 2010, the Cultural Center of Stjørdal - named Kimen Kulturhus - will open today, 21st of August 2015. And what an opening it will be! The program is packed with cultural performances and events, and even a royal guest to perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

As architects, we are very excited to finally be revealing one of our most complex building projects so far. Its conglomeration of cultural facilities including a library, youth center, theater and concert halls, cinemas, and venues for dance, music, media, arts and other activities, has been the major challenge of the project.

We are also excited about the feedback we have received from the client, as well as people in the community of Stjørdal. Get our customer case study below by subscribing to our newsletter!