Office opening in Innsbruck

We are glad to have found a nice space to open an office in Innsbruck! In a creative working atmosphere next to the Büchsenhausen Castle and with views of the characteristic mountain chain Nordkette we are starting to get involved in the architectural scene in central Europe, trying to make our impact and bring some refreshing ideas.

While Norway and Austria are different countries, we share a common European culture and understanding of values both in terms of both society and architecture. The spectacular natural landscapes are an inspiration that provide a significant context for our buildings - while involving great responsibility! We have a duty to find a good solutions for both preserving and cultivating our heritage.

We are confronted with the same challenges in a global point of view, but the approaches to problem-solving differ and our work always attempt to create individual solutions from each local condition. With a new RRA office in Innsbruck, we are excited to contribute to a dialogue between Austrian and Norwegian building traditions and technology. This is a huge possibility to share knowledge and to benefit from each other!

The new team is led by Benedikt Hörmann, affectionately called Benni for short, who has worked for RRA in Oslo several years and is a half-native Austrian with a degree from the University of Innsbruck. We also want to welcome Catherina Bartolucci to our team in Innsbruck! Catherina, BA Arch, has studied in Innsbruck, as well as the University of Lund in Sweden. It's great to be joined by someone sharing a strong interest in Scandinavian design and contributing to the Scandinavian-Austrian link.