Reiulf Ramstad Architects wins competition in Denmark!

At Reiulf Ramstad Architects, competitions are an important endeavor to get new projects – At the moment we are very busy with multiple competitions all over Norway and Europe and we are proud to present our latest win for the development of Kornets Hus in Denmark, a national knowledge and inspiration center for grain and food culture.

The house is designed with clear reference to the classic Danish farm building and traditional baking ovens, and points to its simple material choice as the grain that becomes the lifeblood of the house's activities.

The building is organized around a simple and flexible plan, which allows for a wide variety of activities and functions to take place.

"I am very excited about the project of Reiulf Ramstad Architects, which I think perfectly fits the ideals of simplicity and quality that I weight heavily in regards to the Grain as a raw material, and which we are so eager to enlighten the visitors on, tells Jørn Ussing Larsen, the Impetus behind the project.

"We were convinced that The Reiulf Ramstad Architects proposal best fitted the ideas and visions that lies behind the establishment of Kornets Hus," says Lars Autrup, The jury chairman.

Kornets Hus will become our first building realization in Denmark, and we are both happy and proud for our new Commision in Denmark!

"Denmark is both a large agricultural country and a country very famous for its own architecture and design, so for us to be allowed to put the architectural impression on a knowledge- and Inspiration center on Danish agriculture's most important crop is of course a huge honor and opportunity." says Reiulf Ramstad.

The Center will be built near Hjørring in Jutland, and will be ready for opening in early 2019.

Keep an eye on our website as we will release the full project tomorrow!

The public spaces are centred around a large bread oven while teaching and exhibition spaces are demarked by the natural lighting and increased volume of the skylights.