Reiulf Ramstad in Reykjavík

Reiulf Ramstad in Reykjavík

We are thrilled to have been invited by the Norwegian Ambassador Cecilie Landsverk's residence in Iceland for a talk about our works. Reiulf Ramstad will discuss design and architecture with the architect Hrólfur Cela from the Iceland based Basalt studio.

"Design Diplomacy" is a concept – borrowed from Helsinki Design Week – where ambassadors open the door to their residences and invite us for an evening of design-centered talks.

It’s not your regular moderated panel talk though – at each of the events a designer from the hosting country meets an Icelandic designer for a game of question cards. The deck has been specially designed to power and spark the discussion. The topics reflect upon design, but not design only – the playful questions are sure to be a challenge both for the speakers and the audience. This year, six ambassadors in Iceland are participating, and the guest line-up includes architects, and fashion and textile designers.

This event requires registration to be admitted, add your name to the guest list here. We look forward seeing you there!