Snapshot Exhibition

Snapshot Exhibition

The requirements for contemporary architecture are increasing. The processes more complex. The production changing. Expectations to the significance of architecture expands.

The architecture today, in the age of globalisation, is more complex than ever and it is challenging to point out common traits and tendencies both nationally and internationally. In what direction is architecture headed? Is it possible to find clear tendencies in contemporary architecture?

The exhibition by ROM attempts to convey a Snapshot of contemporary architecture from within, allowing the profession to reflect over the meaning of their own production in a larger context and their role within the society. Through the exhibition, dialogue and debates during the exhibit we will discuss what exactly defines contemporary architecture and what opportunities it creates for the profession in the future.

ROM has approached a selection of Norwegian architectural firms with two specific questions:

  • What is the main task of architecture today?
  • What is the potential for architecture in the future?

Reiulf Ramstad Architects is one of more than 20 firms to exhibit their response to the topic.