Transforming landscapes to make places
Series:, no. 4
Publisher: LISt Lab, 2012
Language: Italian / English
Pages: 296

List Laboratorio Int. Editoriale s 4th issue of this periodical covers the work of Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Architects. The “ #4” will show selected works from 1995-2012 with interview by Professor Pino Scaglione, founder and Director of the Italian Journal of Architecture, and currently editor of the magazines "" and ALPS. LISt Lab is an editorial workshop with focus on contemporary issues in architecture, urban design and industrial design. The mission of the publisher is the promotion and dissemination of unique research projects within these fields, extending the scope of the proposed new landscape of design research, photography, graphic design, communication etc of the latest generation of architects and designers. The Laboratory has its operational headquarters in Trento (Italy). LIStLab publisher also makes use of Actar-D`s important partnership for co-publishing of books on Italian authors and research, and especially for the promotion and international distribution.

ISBN: 9788895623573 8895623576

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