"The Nordic Way of Building" Louisiana Channel interview with Reiulf Ramstad

Louisiana Channel - a non-profit website- based at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark visited our office in Oslo this spring to learn more on "..the intriguing philosophy and projects of the award-winning Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Architects..."!

" We believe that architecture makes sense when it’s anchored in the locales where it’s built, and the people who are going to use it. That’s why I’m not so occupied with the zeitgeist of architecture.” - Reiulf Ramstad

In this interview, Reiulf discusses how the Scandinavian landscape is at the core of his design concepts. In a context of globalization, increased mobility, and communication medias, he believes “the depth of the locale becomes shallow.” His architecture contrasts this mainstream approach by offering designs specifically tailored to Norwegian cultural heritage and the landscape of its remote areas.