Timelapse movie captures Trollstigen Visitor Center

Videographer Alejandro Villanueva recently went exploring the Norwegian West Coast extreme landscape of the Trollveggen region, and came back with a stunning timelapse video of the Trollstigen Visitor Center. 

Completed in 2012, the tourist facility features a footpath that crosses the mountain river and leads to lookout points made of concrete, steel and glass. There is also an angular concrete mountain lodge at the entrance to the site, containing a restaurant and a gallery that overlooks cascading pools of water.

Villanueva's aim was to show the experience of the site at different times of day and to reveal its dramatically changing conditions – although his first two visits to the project proved unsuccessful due to foggy weather.

"The biggest challenge of the shoot was, as you can imagine the weather, Trollstigen is very high up. Weatherwise, it was windy, very windy and cold, very cold, I had to secure the tripod to the ground with a cable otherwise the wind would blow it off as it once did." Villanueva said "I chose Trollstigen because of the uniqueness of the place and the sheer beauty of the building, I think Ramstad did an incredible job conceiving an space that is both functional and bold, an exquisite representation of contemporary Norwegian architecture."

The Trollstigen Visitor Centre is one of five architectural projects along the Geiranger-Trollstigen tourist route, a 66-mile scenic road across the Trollstigen Mountain Plateau in western Norway.