Oslo Future Living 2017

Oslo Future Living 2017

On Thursday May 11th, Reiulf Ramstad will lecture at Vulkan Arena, part of the Oslo Future Living 2017 conference cycle.

Oslo Future Living is a festival about sustainable and smart cities, a collaboration between Estate Media, Aspelin Ramm, Enova and Hjellnes Consult. 

In a context of rapid urbanization and depreciation and a society becoming more digital and global. 200,000 people worldwide move from rural areas to cities every day, the global population will exceed nine billion people by 2050, and more than 70 percent of these will live in cities and towns. Cities become bigger and at the same time smarter and more global. New technologies and innovative solutions will affect how we live, work, trade and move. So what does this give of threats and opportunities, and how should we address these changes environmentally, socially and digitally?

Sustainability must be on top of everyone's agenda. We must think green and be innovative about how to create cities and city spaces. Sustainable urban development is crucial for solving climate challenges, but it will also create economic and welfare growth. This is something everyone has to contribute to, and it is now time to go from "theory" to "action".

Whether you are pushing for the big green ideas, or just curious about what the green change can mean of threats and opportunities, Oslo Future Living will inspire you. Because thinking green is smart and profitable! On stage during the Oslo Future Living will be leading players in finance, sustainability, property development, technology and architecture.

Reiulf Ramstad will lecture in the 15h15 cycle "Building the Future - Sustainability is Quality!"

Learn more on the event and download the program here.